Social Sciences Division (SSD)

Research of Social Sciences Division (SSD) is widely regarded as provider of substantial benefits to the society at individuals and to local, regional, national and international communities. Agricultural economists, sociologists and other social scientists played a vital role in assessing the economic and social impacts of the adoption of new technologies and measuring returns to investment in agricultural R&D. These assessments provided better understanding of changes induced by technical developments with the impacts of changes realized, the responses of markets and participants in the markets to such changes. This information has also been useful in decision making and policy formulation. It is worth clarifying at the beginning that the output of social sciences research is information (Norton and Schuh, 1981), rather than in some tangible form like varieties, chemical or machinery. The Social Sciences Division (SSD) of PARC operates through its network of Social Sciences Research Institutes (PARC-SSRIs) at Faisalabad, Tandojam, Tarnab Peshawar, NARC and AJK.