PARC-National Sugar and Tropical Horticulture and Research Institute (NSTHRI), SARC-Thatta

In 1990, research work on sugarcane varietal development was started using local and exotic fuzz at Sujawal under Southern Zone Agriculture Research Institute (SZARI) project launched by PARC. In 1998 PSDP project “National Sugarcane Research Institute (NSCRI)” atThatta was launched, which was re-designated as a regular institute of PARC in 2003. The scope of NSCRI was extended by renaming it as “National Sugar and Tropical Horticulture Research Institute” The main objective of NSTHRI,Thatta is “to develop high yielding sugarcane varieties with best sugar recovery percentage and having significant performance in different agro-ecological zones of the countryand to conduct research on tropical horticultural crops”. To achieve the goal, the institute has been working on development of new sugarcane varieties through local and exotic fuzz (true seed of sugarcane) since 1990 and has introduced and multiplied elite exotic banana varieties in Sindh.