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Due Date

PARC Tender No. 1-28(137)/2017-18 Olive for Purchasing of Various Items/ Consumable Stores Items 11-05-2018
NARC Tender No. 1-16/2017-18/PSDP-Project(Hi-Aware)/CAEWRI for Purchasing of Research & Office Equipments 07-05-2018
PARC NIT for Repair & Maintenance of Flat No. A-2/3 at PARC Colony 04-05-2018
BARDC Tender Notice for Installation of Tube Well 02-05-2018
BARDC Tender Notice for Livestock (Goats) items 02-05-2018
NARC NIT for Repair & Maintenance of Fish Ponds at NARC 02-05-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-14/2017-18/PSDP-Project/Mono-Sex Tilapia/AFP (Re-Tender) 02-05-2018
PARC Tender No 1-28(137)/2017-18 DoP(Umerkot) for Conversion of Single Cabin Vehicle into 4 Door Cabin  30-04-2018
PARC Tender No. 1-27(136)/2017-18 DOP(Olive) for Purchasing of Consumable Store Items 27-04-2018
PARC Tender No. 1-26(135)/2017-18 DOP(Olive) for Procurement of De-Stoning Machine 26-04-2018
NARC Tender No. 1-11(02)/2017-18/PSDP Project / Fruit-HRI for Purchasing of Consumable Store Items 25-04-2018
NARC Tender No. 1-17/2017-18/MOU-Project/ Oilseed Brassica/BCI/PGRP for Purchasing of Consumable Store Items 23-04-2018
NARC Tender No. 1-3(02)/2017-18/ICARDA Project / AERI/SSRI for Purchasing of Computer & Office Equipment 20-04-2018
BARDC Tender for Purchasing of Machinery and Equipment items 18-04-2018
NARC NIT for Removal & Replacement of Old Bricks on Edge with Marble Tiles 17-04-2018
PARC Tender 1-25(134)/2017-18 POD(PSDP) for Procurement of Multi-Crop Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill 16-04-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-8/2017-18/PSDP-Project/Aquafeed Mill/AFP (Re-Tender) to Purchase Aquafeed Mill Machinery items 12-04-2018
BARDC Tender Notice for Purchasing of Research Machinery items 10-04-2018
AZRC, D.I.Khan Tender Construction of Plastic Tunnel 09-04-2018
NIT for Construction of Parking Shed at NARC 03-04-2018
NIT for Repair & Rehabilitation of main Fountain and two small Fountains at NARC 03-04-2018




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