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Due Date

PARC Tender No. 1-17(122)/2017-18-DoP(Olive) for Purchase & Installation of Drip Irrigation System 08-02-2018
NARC NIT for Construction of Lathe House 02-02-2018
PARC Tender No. 118(124)/2017-18/DOP (Olive) for Hiring of Consultant 31-01-2018
PARC Re-Tender No. 1-11(115/123)/2017-18/DOP (Olive) 30-01-2018
AZRC Tender for Providing, Installing, Testing and Commissionig of Submersible Pumps and Motors 30-01-2018
PARC Tender No. 1-16(121)2017-18 Olive for Purchase of Different Items 29-01-2018
AZRC Tender for Construction of different buildings 29-01-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-4/2017-18/MOU Project/ CAEWRI (Re-Tender 3rd Time) for Procurement of Consumable Store Items 29-01-2018
PARC Tender for different items / Consumable Stores 23-01-2018
PARC Tender for Procurement of Desktop Computers System & Printers 22-01-2018
NARC Tender for purchase of consumable store items under PSDP Funded Project  08-01-2018
BARDC Tender for Construction of Training Hall at ARI, Turbat 18-01-2018
BARDC Tender for Construction of Cow Sheds at Agriculture Research Institute (ARI), Turbat 18-01-2018
BARDC Tender for Construction of Sheep & Goat Shed at Agriculture Research Institute (ARI), Turbat 18-01-2018
PARC Tender for different Items / Consumable Stores 18-01-2018
BARDC Tender for Purchasing of Livestock Animals at Turbat 16-01-2018
PARC Tender for Supply of different Olive Plants 11-01-2018
NIT for Repair, Maintenance & Renovation of Ecotoxicology Research Institute Labs at NARC 11-01-2018
PARC Tender for Procurment of 02 Solar Cabinet Dryers 10-01-2018
PARC Tender for Porcurement of Office Furnitures and Computers 09-01-2018
PARC Re-Invitation of Tenders for Up-Gradation of PARC HQs Auditorium 09-01-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-12/2017-18/PSF Project/NIGAB for Research Equipment Items 04-01-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-10/2017-18/ACIAR Project/CAEWRI for Purchasing Computer & Office Equipments 02-01-2018
PARC Tender for Hiring of Consultancy Services 28-12-2017
CARI Lasbela Tender for Construction of Under Ground, Over Head Water Tanks and Fixing of Razor Wire on Boundary wall 26-12-2017
NARC Tender to Purchase Computer, Research Equipment and Consumable Store items 22-12-2017
PARC Tender No. 1-8(112)/2017-18-DOP for Operation and routine Maintenance of HVAC Plants 21-12-2017
PARC Tender No. 1-6(112)2017-18-PARC for Engagement of Chartered Accountant Firm for Statutory Audit 20-12-2017
NARC Tender No. F.1/4/2017-18/MOU Project / CAEWRI (Re-Tender) for Purchasing of Cosumable Store Items 12-12-2017
NARC NIT for Repair & Renovation of PARC Rice Research Station, Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore 05-12-2017
PARC Tender Notice for Outsource written test/examination for recruitment of employees 04-12-2017
BARDC Tender Notice for installation of High Efficiency Irrigation System under PSDP funded project HRI Khuzdar  04-12-2017
NARC Tender for Purchase of Aquafeed Mill Machinery items 29-11-2017
NARC NIT for Construction of Fisheries Feed Store Building 24-11-2017
CARI LASBELA Tender Notice for Purchasing of Consumable Store items 23-11-2017
PARC Tender for Procure of Computer System and Printer 21-11-2017
PARC Tender Notice for Supply and Installation of Office Equipments 21-11-2017
PARC Tender Notice for pre-qualification of firm for supply /installation of furniture items, office & research equipment 17-11-2017




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