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  • To prepare, publish and distribute research/popular journals, text-books and technical bulletins on different agricultural disciplines.

  • To strengthen in-house capabilities to facilitate printing of various types of materials.

  • To organise exhibitions of publications on important occasions.


The regular publication of PARC include the Annual Report and PARC News (monthly).


Some of the  leaflets published  include leaflets on Bajra cultivation (Urdu) Mash cultivation (Urdu), Paddy insects and their control (Urdu), Modern techniques of sugarcane cultivation (Urdu), Improved, and recommended varieties of wheat in Pothwar region (Urdu), Jantar cultivation as green manure (Urdu), Prawn growing in Pakistan (Urdu), Schedule for rearing honeybees (Urdu), Jowar cultivation (Urdu), Masoor cultivation (Urdu), Cultivation of rice seedling (Urdu), Production of pure rice seed (Urdu), Moong cultivation (Urdu), Chickpea cultivation (Urdu), Haemorrhagic septaecemia in cattle and its eradication (Urdu), Warble fly (Urdu), Soyabean thresher (Urdu), Embryo transfer technology (Urdu) FMI designed solar dryer (Urdu), Home preparation of standard and quality milk products (Urdu) and Cheese preparation at household level (Urdu) and Mass-rearing technique and use of Trichogramma sp. (both in Urdu and English) were published.


The complete list of publications can be seen <here...>.



The publications and periodicals are distributed to various clientele groups including dignitaries, teachers, students, researchers, policy-makers and research institutions on verbal and written requests.



The Directorate participated in the exhibitions on the occasions of World Food Day as well as on various seminars/workshops and conferences. The publications, depicting PARC generated technologies were first exhibited and then distributed among the visitors


Designing Services

Besides in-house designing of its publications, services were extended at NARC to other institutions of PARC for preparation of title covers, charts, maps, merit certificates, display boards, shields, etc.


Scientific Staff 

  Name Designation E-mail/ Cell:
01 Ahmad Mehmood uz Zaman Managing Editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




PARC Toll Free
Help Desk (9:00am to 5:00pm)


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