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Gradation Seniority Lists

Admin Cadres

--         Director Admin/ Secretariate (SPS-10)

--         Dy. Director Admin/ Secretariate (SPS-09)

--         Assistant Director Admin/ Secretariate (SPS-08)

--         Superintendent (SPS-07/08)

--         Assistant Admin Officer (SPS-07)

--         Assistant (SPS-06/07) Combined

--         UDC (SPS-04) PARC (Hq)

--         LDC (SPS-03) PARC (Hq)

Steno Cadres

--         Sr. Private Secretary/ Private Secretary (SPS-08/10)

--         Asstt. Private Secretary (SPS-07/08)

--         Stenotypists (SPS-06/07) Combined

Account Cadres

--         Director (SPS-10)

--         Dy. Director (SPS-09)

--         AO (SPS-09)

--         AAO (SPS-08)

--         Sr. Auditor (SPS-07)

Computer Cadres

--        Director (FIS/Database/MIS)--SPS-10

--        Sr. Network Administrator/Dy. Director (MIS/ Programming  (SPS-09)

--        Computer Programmer(SPS-08)

--        Assistant Director (MIS) SPS-08

--         Asst. Programmer (SPS-07)

--         Data Control Officer (SPS-07)

--         Data Entry Operator ((SPS-05)

--         Computer Asstt. (SPS-04/07) combined

Directorate of Works

--         Engineers Relating to Works (SPS-08 to SPS-11)

--         Senior Technician  (SPS-06)

--         Sub -Engineer  (SPS-05)

--         Lift Operator (SPS-02)

Other Cadres

--         SLibrary Personals  (SPS-07 to SPS-09)

--         Public Relation, Publication, Information & AVC (SPS-08 to SPS-10)

--         Public Relation, Publication, Information & AVC (SPS-07)

--         Assistant Transport Officer (SPS-07)

--        Security Personals (SPS-09, SPS-08)

--         Manager Cafeteria(SPS-08) 

--         Driver (SPS-04)

--         Driver (SPS-03)

--         Driver (SPS-02)

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