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Summer Agricultural Research Station, Kaghan


Ever-increasing population puts pressure for additional food production. To meet this need, on one hand the yield of the agricultural commodities is to be increased, while on the other hand, the crops must be free of disease and insects. In such a situation, the role of off-season nursery system has become essential. Therefore PARC has organized this facility in the interest of Agricultural Research system.

The off-season nursery system has undeniably demonstrated its very significant role in the faster production of improved varieties. It is a fundamental component in the development of crop varieties with wider adaptation.

These nurseries can be a unique vehicle for conveying promising advanced lines from national and international breeding programs. This practice will also be helpful to identify dangerous pathogens, which exist in different geographical zones of the world. In this way, the lines which are more resistant to the pathogens are developed as a variety for its further maximization.

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