Institute of Plant & Environmental Protection (IPEP)

The Institute of Plant & Environmental Protection (IPEP), NARC has the following research institutes and programmes:


Insect Pest Management Programme

National Integrated Pest Management Programme

National Insect Museum Integrated Programme

Vertebrate Pest Management Programme


Minimize crop losses due to pests achieving environmentally sound and sustainable agricultural production.


Development of safe and sustainable integrated pest management strategies in agro-ecosystems.



  • Study bionomics of pests and develop environmentally sustainable strategies for their management.

  • Monitor the impact of pesticides and heavy metals in food chain, environmental health and to develop management strategies.

  • Coordinate in the area of plant and environmental protection at national and international level.


More than 600 publications are made in the journals of international repute


Resource Person:


Dr. Tariq Mahmood, CSO/ Sr.Director

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