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SARC technical expertise is utilized in many ways by various stakeholders and the industry:

  • analytical facilities for the testing of pesticide residue, heavy metals, mycotoxins, proximate composition and minerals
  • microbiological testing of agricultural commodities like wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, cereals, chillies, dairy and poultry feeds to public and private sectors
  • safe protocols for the storage of wheat
  • control of rats in wheat, rice and sugarcane fields and public and private sector godowns
  • wild boar control, PAROTRAP for sparrow and parakeet control
  • feed formulations of dairy animal and camel along with commercial feed testing services to dairy farmers of peri-urban areas of Karachi
  • integrated management root diseases of melon, vine decline, root rots and wilts diseases of cucurbitaceous vegetables by using organic soil amendments and bio-agents
  • control of nematodes infesting cereals, fruits and vegetables
  • identification of sources of resistance in wheat rusts
  • national uniform yield and varietal trials on wheat and sugarcane
  • genetic uplift of Red-Sindhi cattle and Kundhi buffaloes
  • polyculture of fresh water fish with prawn


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