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Technologies Developed
SARC has developed, modified and propagated a number of technologies including:

  • Farmers’ pack for storage of grains at farm level,
  • PEPF technology for the control of insect pests of stored products,
  • packages for rodent pest management in urban and field situations,
  • production technology for coconut (Cocos nucifera L.), papaya (Carica papaya L.), tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.), gliricidia sepium (Jacq.), exotic varieties of date palm, Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis L.), Chiku or Sapodilla ( Achras sapota L.), and
  • poly-culture of fresh water prawn Macrobrachium malcolmsonii with Indian major and Chinese carps.

Product Development
SARC research has led to development various products such as:

  • NIMBOLI for the control of house-hold insects;
  • NIBOKIL 60EC for the control of insects at farm level;
  • FERTINEMAKIL for the control of nematodes;
  • PARC RAT BAIT for the control of rodents and CAPSULAR BAIT for the control of wild boars. 

Patents Registered
SARC has so far obtained patents for:

  • development of a nemticide (Fertinemakil-A)
  • mass cultivation technique for k-fixation bacteria as seed dressing
  • biopesticide against wax moth larvae and wyne mealy bug and
  • control of subterranean termite with entomopathogenic nematode
  • process of using three entomopathogenic nematodes as a bio-pesticide against subteranean termite Microtermis spp. (Isoptera: Macrotermitidae)
  • process for preparation of bio-pesticides using Xenorhabdus nematophila (strain HAM,-10) against Wax moth larvae and Vine mealy bug in Pakistan
  • sugarcane variety (Thatta-10) developed at SARC has been registered while three new varieties of sugarcane named as Hoth-127, Hoth-300 and Hoth-326 are in the process of registration


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