Land Resources Research Institute

Land Resources Research Program (LRRP), established in 1982, focuses on producing more food and fiber on less land using fewer inputs while protecting the environment. The proceeding pages provide an overview of its mandate, accomplishments, services offered and future thrusts.



To provide scientific bases for improving soil productivity and environment.


  • To assess the dynamics of soil physical, chemical and biological processes.
  • To develop technologies for sustainable land use and productivity.
  • To provide technical and analytical services to different stakeholders.


  • Understand soil physical, chemical and biological processes through basic and strategic research.
  • Develop technologies for efficient soil input management and environmental protection.
  • Provide technical and analytical support to other organizations and relevant industry.

There are following programes under Land Resources Research Institute:

Soil & Plant Nutrients Program (SPNP) 

  • To optimize utilization of integrated organic and inorganic PSO nutrients sources.
  • To enhance plant nutrients use efficiency.
  • Farm residue management.
  • To determine fertilizer requirements for high value crops.
  • Formulate organic based products.
  • Soil advisory service.
  • Humic substances development and commercialization in collaboration with PATCO.

                    Resource Person: Dr. Fayyaz Hussain, PSO/ PL

Soil Physics and Salinity Program (SPSP)

  • To improve soil physical health for enhanced crop productivity.
  • Characterization of soil water flow and solute transport.
  • Carbon sequestration for soil physical health.
  • Brackish/sea water desalination using solar technology.
  • Management of salt effected land and brackish water for stand merged sustainable agriculture.
  • Nutrient management of degraded soils Gypsum based formulation.

                    Resource Person: Dr. Ghulam Nabi, PSO/ PL

Soil Environment and Chemistry Program (SECP)

  • Soil nutrients dynamics.
  • Plant nutrient adsorption/ bioavailability and carbon sequestration capacity of different benchmark soils. Program stand
  • Gauge CO2, CH4 and NO3 from different cropping systems.  
  • Characterize soil pollution: type, quantum and extent.  
  • Develop suitable remedial techniques to mitigate polluted soils and safe use of municipal/industrial discharges.

                    Resource Person: Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan, PSO/ PL

Soil Biology Program (SBP)  

  • Develop bio-fertilizer for oil seed and horticultural crops.  
  • Acquisition of indigenous microbes for plant nutrients mobilization.  
  • Develop ACC-deaminase technology for cereal crops under stress conditions.  
  • Low cost microbial liquid formulation.  
  • Biozote development and commercialization in collaboration with PATCO.
  • Develop products of compost/vermicompost and its value addition by beneficial microbes. 

                   Resource Person: Dr. Tariq Sultan, PSO/ PL









Dr. Arshad Ali


 PSO / Director



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