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Plant Genetic Resources Program


Several plant collecting missions collected indigenous germplasm from diverse ecologies of Pakistan. Similarly, plant genetic resources were acquired from abroad. National Genebank holds more than 30,000 accessions of 400 plant species. National Genebank is distributing about 10000 accessions per year to the entire NARS including universities and research institutes throughout Pakistan and also to global partners in food security establishments where these are being used for the development of improved crop varieties and other R&D work on agriculture.

Clonally propagated crop species that cannot be conserved in the form of seed are preserved at in vitro conservation lab using the tissue culture technique and as plants in the field Genebank.

Plant Genetic Resources Institute (PGRI) has made considerable international collaboration regarding conservation and research of plant genetic resources. The institute has represented Pakistan on international forums like International Board of Plant Genetic Resources, International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, Bioversity International, Svalbard Global Seed Vault and other international agricultural research institutes. Besides international forums, the institute has also made collaboration with national agricultural research institutes of different countries like USA, Netherlands and Japan. These collaborative efforts resulted in improved collection and acquisition of genetic resources from Pakistan and abroad through joint germplasm expeditions and germplasm exchange. Education and skills of the scientists of the institute regarding conservation and research of plant genetic resources also improved as a result of these collaborations.
National Genebank of Pakistan at Plant Genetic Resources Institute has also played its role in the restoration of agriculture in disaster affected areas of Pakistan by providing seed of lost crop varieties that was previously conserved in the Genebank.

Evaluation Laboratory of the institute has evaluated cereals, pulses and vegetable crops for economically important characters like yield, quality and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. These elite germplasm lines selected during evaluation are being provided to educational and research institutes for crop improvement.

Biochemical and molecular evaluation of plant germplasm is also getting importance as due to the modern techniques of biotechnology and molecular biology scientists are being concerned about specific genes controlling the characters of interest. Evaluation Lab of the institute is working on protein and DNA markers controlling certain economically important characters like bread making quality of wheat and powdery mildew resistance in peas.


Plant Genetic Resources Institute is a pioneer organization in Pakistan which systematically initiated work on the collection, evaluation, conservation, value addition and sustainable use of medicinal plants in the country. Facilities were established for the extraction and analysis of essential oil from basil, rosemary, lavender, oregano, thyme, geranium and other medicinally important aromatic plants. Essential oils are being tested for their antimicrobial potential against pathogens.

Plant Genetic Resources Institute is focal research institute of National Information Sharing Mechanism System on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, Rome in Pakistan. The institute is having regular contact with stakeholders of the system in all provinces of Pakistan including federal and provincial agricultural research institutes and universities.





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