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Natural Resources

The Natural Resources has been focusing on enhancement of agricultural productivity through best management of the natural resources of land, water, rangelands, forests, honeybees. The sector addresses the issues related to agriculture in the arid and mountain environments.

The knowledge and innovative technologies generated as a result of research endeavours made towards increasing the land fertility with balanced application of fertilizers, use of bio-fertilizer developed by NARC, proper management and utilization of scarce water resources and improving the productivity of saline and waterlogged areas will substantively enhance agricultural production. Development and dissemination of honeybee management technologies have turned Pakistan into a honey exporting country. High yielding, disease resistant and drought-tolerant crop varieties have been selected for arid and cold environments of Balochistan and Northern Areas. Promising forage species have been identified for different agro-ecological zones and agro-forestry models have been developed for rehabilitation of degraded mountain areas. Dissemination of technology packages for trout farming and medicinal plants and distribution of improved horticultural varieties developed for upland areas will provide additional income generating opportunities for the poor farmers of mountainous region.

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