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Animal Sciences

Research on animal sciences has always been an important portfolio of PARC. The objective of PARC research is improvement of production potential of animal genetic resources available in the country. The research is addressing areas like Animal Health, Animal Nutrition, Animal Reproduction, Dairy Technology, Breeding of Small & Large Ruminants and Aquaculture & Fisheries. Livestock & fisheries research in PARC was carried out at Animal Sciences Institute (NARC) Islamabad, Arid Zone Research Centre, Quetta and Southern Zone Agricultural Research Centre Karachi. Coordinated programmes on large and small ruminant breeding were executed in collaboration with the livestock departments of Punjab, Sindh, NWFP, Baluchistan and AJK.

Animal Health conducted research on estimation of warble fly, infestation in Sargodha and Peshawar divisions; role of Infectious Bronchitis Virus, Infectious Bursal Disease, Eimeriosis and Avian Influenza Virus in poultry and studies on control of Brucellosis and Haemorrhagic septicaemia in buffaloes. In Animal Nutrition, nutritive quality of silages prepared from maize, sorghum and millet fodders has been compared in sheep; preliminary preparations have been made for digestibility trials of multi-nutrient blocks of different composition; effect of early weaning diet with different energy levels in growth performance of buffalo calves have been studied; effect of probiotics (protexin) and enzymes (Rovabio) on broiler's performance are being investigated and 20 tonnes of mineral mixture and 1090 feed blocks have been produced and sold to livestock farmers. Achievements in Animal Reproduction research include completion of studies on effect of holding transporting time in ice water on quality of cryopreserved semen and subsequent fertility in buffaloes; comparative studies on different capacitating agents for buffalo sperms; effect of mineral supplementation on reproductive functions of buffaloes and production & sale of 6000 doses of high quality semen from buffalo, Friesian, Jersey and Sahiwal bulls to livestock breeders. In Dairy Technology research, successful trials were conducted to prepare whey beverage using orange and pine-apple flavours and to prepare white cheese using brine solution; quality of cheese prepared by the use of Paneer booti with or without lactic acid solution was compared and successful attempts were made to improve the quality of cottage cheese through the addition of gelatin to plant rennet in cheese making. Achievements in Fisheries & Aquaculture research include completion of studies on biology and culture performance of big head carps in pond system and successful introduction of American channel catfish in Pakistan.

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