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History of PARC


The landmarks in the evolution of PARC are given below in chronological order:

  • 1948 - A Food and Agriculture Committee (FAC) was set up
  • 1951 – A Food and Agriculture Council of Pakistan (FACP) replaced FAC
  • 1964 – The FACP was redesignated as Agricultural Research Council (ARC) and its membership made more compact and it was authorized to sponsor fellowships in agricultural research.
  • 1968 – First Pak-American Agricultural Research Review Team reviewed the current status of agricultural research in the country and on their recommendations, the duties of ARC were expanded to include establishment of research centres.
  • 1973 – Second Pak-American Team reviewed the status of agricultural research in Pakistan and recommended the strengthening of ARC. As a result, the ARC was reorganized.
  • 1974 – The headquarters of ARC were shifted from Karachi to Islamabad
  • 1978 – The ARC was reconstituted and broad based to include whole time Members, working scientists from provinces, heads of research institutes. Vice-Chancellors of agricultural universities and progressive farmers.
  • 1980 – A joint world Bank, USAID and CIDA Mission, led by Sir Charles Pereira visited Pakistan and submitted its report on the overall in-depth review of agriculture research system, suggesting inter alia the grant of autonomous status to PARC.
  • 1981 – Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Ordinance of 1981 was promulgated.

Chairmen of PARC


Dr. Amir Muhammad

9th June 1978 


3rd February   1990

Dr. C. M. Anwar Khan

4th February 1990


2nd June 1991

Dr. Zafar Altaf

3rd June 1991


30th September 1994

Dr. C.M. Anwar Khan

1st October 1994


10th January 1997

Dr. Muhammad Akbar

11th January 1997


26th June 1997

Dr. Zafar Altaf

27th June 1997


29th April 1998

Dr. Muhammad Akbar

30th April 1998


9th September 1998

Dr. Kausar A. Malik

15th September 1998


27th February  2001

Dr. Umar Khan Baloch

28th February 2001


11th Feb. 2002

Dr. Badar ud Din Soomro

12th February 2002


7th September 2005

Dr. M. E. Tusneem

8th September 2005


12th August 2008

Dr. Zafar Altaf

13th August 2008


3rd January 2011

Dr. Muhammad Afzal

4th January 2011


10th August 2011

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

11th August 2011


31st March 2012

Mr. Naveed Salimi

1st April 2012


11th September 2012

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

12th September 2012


11th September 2015

Dr. Nadeem Amjad

12th September 2015


     4th October 2016

Dr. Yusuf Zafar

5th October 2016


22nd Feb., 2019

Muhammad Ayub Chaudhry 

23rd Feb., 2019


26th Sept., 2019


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