National Linkages

To Coordinate and facilitate agricultural research across the country and to address provincial issues a mechanism of interaction by entering in to Memorandum of Understanding and formation of different forums at National level has been devised. The new mechanism of national coordination  has facilitated in dissemination of innovative technologies to stakeholders, distribution of new germplasm developed through PARC’s in-house research and obtained from international research Centers to other research institutions, minimized duplication/overlap of research activities in the NARS and ensure greater complementarily and synergy.  To underline the objective of changing existing relations in the fields of agriculture, research, policy & planning to make them more attractive and viable in terms of enhanced productivity and for the effective involvement of stakeholders in designing agricultural research, formulating policy recommendations to the government and imparting Local and Foreign trainings to Federal and Provincial staff dealing directly or indirectly with agriculture 32 MOUs with different Universities, Institutes Government and public sectors Departments has been inked and  following committees/forums has been established to cater national agricultural research needs:

  • Inter Provincial Agricultural Research Coordination Committee
  • Vice Chancellor’s forum
  • Inter-ministerial Coordination Committee
  • Association of Farmers association
  • Women in agriculture forum