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Promotion of Olive Cultivation on Commercial Scale

Production of edible oil in Pakistan is less than the domestic requirements. Pakistan has to spend huge foreign exchange annually for the import of edible oil to meet the requirements of edible oil production. Government of Pakistan has initiated different steps to lessen the import bill in lieu of edible oil. In these steps most important is to increase the cropping area of sunflower and canola along with the research activities to increase per acre production of these crops.

As a result increase in the local production has been observed, but this increase in not enough to full fill the edible oil requirements for increasing population of the country therefore, government is paying attention on oil producing trees along with the oil crops. Olive is one of most important among oil producing trees. 

Olive is an oil production fruit tree which can be successfully cultivated in different areas of the country without affecting the production of other field crops and can be cultivated on waste lands.The origin of olive is Mediterranean region. According to the research data, the better areas for the olive cultivation in Pakistan are mainly situated in Khyber Puthtun Khaw, Baluchistan and Pothwar, Punjab areas.


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