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Kitchen Gardening


Pakistan is blessed with a variety of climatic and geographic regimes, which create diversified agro-ecological conditions suitable for growing almost all kinds of vegetables. The total crop area of Pakistan is about 22.94 million hectares. Out of which vegetables and condiments are grown on 0.35 and 0.18 million hectares, respectively which is about 2.30 % of total crop area. Punjab contributes its share in area by 52 %, Sindh 26.15 %, KPK 10.85 % and Balochistan 11 % of the total area under vegetable crops.


Pakistan has the world's sixth largest population; the estimation for 2007 is over 169 million inhabitants, and by the next decade the population is expected to exceed 176 million. This will lead to higher demand for food and agricultural products. Also, 24 percent of the population in the country is undernourished and the number has increased rapidly in recent years, this situation demands increase in productivity per unit area with good quality. Household gardening has a vast potential for addressing the food and health of the urban and peri-urban population. The obvious advantages associated with household gardening, such as pesticide free produce and availability at the doorstep on one side and on the other hand, vegetable and herbs have high nutritional values. If these are grown, households could be able to get balanced diet which mainly contributes to the healthy society.

Kitchen Gardening- A way to Pesticide free Nutritious Vegetables: (Manual in Pdf formate)

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