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Microbial Genetic Resources Program


  • To establish a long term microbial preservation facility as “National Culture Collection of Pakistan (NCCP) for collection and preservation of microbial genetic resources from Pakistani ecology for basic and applied microbiology and biotechnology research following the Best Practice Guidelines of OECD (2001).
  • To distribute the economically important strains to scientific community, institutions and industry on commercial basis for research or utilization in industrial processes as a regular activity of the NCCP by following national and international laws and regulations.
  • To function as a depository of biological materials particularly microorganisms involved in patent procedures.
  • To provide services to scientific community for identification of their economically important bacteria on commercial basis.
  • To conduct research for the identification of economically beneficial indigenous species of microorganisms.
  • To establish a web-based electronic database.
  • To collaborate with national and international culture collection centres for exchange of strains and catalog information for research and development.
  • Human resource development in bacterial identification and systematics.


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