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Microbial Genetic Resources Program


The institute aims at managing repository of microorganisms deposited from different scientists working in teaching and industry and other research area following the Best Practice Guidelines of the OECD (2001) and information exchange taking into account national and international requirements. NCCP will provide services on commercial basis for identification using 16S rRNA gene sequence of unknown strains to all stakeholders working in the fields of microbiology, pathology, biotechnology and industries related to these areas by following national international laws and regulations. NCCP will further characterize any potential candidate novel strain that can be delineated as a novel species from Pakistani ecology using polyphasic taxonomic approach. Thus, the following lab facilities will be developed for providing services to scientific community to meet the minimum standards for describing any novel strain as a new species:

  • Identification of bacterial strains based on 16S rRNA gene sequence
  • Confirmation of novelty of any candidate strain as a novel species by DNA-DNA hybridization
  • Cellular fatty acid profiling
  • Polar lipids analysis
  • Diagnostic amino acids analysis in peptidoglycan
  • Menaquinone analysis
  • Morphology (phase-contrast microscopy)
  • Physiological analysis using miniaturized API kits
  • Phenotypic characterization

The research team of the NCCP will work on biological properties of microorganisms and techniques will be developed for long term preservation of strains for researchers. Updated inventory of organisms of the cultures will be available on webpage and NCCP will develop and broaden its linkages with well reputed biological culture collection centers for exchange of material for research and development.


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