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Farm Operations and Services


  • Installed Centre Pivot Irrigation System (CPIS) of 50 acres.
  • Installed two Tube-wells along with pipe networking for irrigation purpose.
  • Carried out successful land preparation, fertigation, sowing, Pre/Post emergence spraying, hoeing, harvesting operations for every Rabi & Kharif Season.
  • Propagation of indoor/outdoor potted plants in Nursery to avoid procurement of these plants.
  • Addition of new farm machinery and implements.
  • Precisely leveling of land using Laser Land Leveler.
  • Regular maintenance of irrigation infrastructures, farm lanes and boundary fence patrolling road.
  • Imparted technical trainings to the students, farmers, extension workers and government Officers/Officials of different provinces of Pakistan arranged by API.
  • Develop and update NARC land use map for each cropping season.



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