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10th Variety Evaluation Committee Meeting on Maize, Sorghum, Millet and Fodder Crops recommended 89 hybrids / varieties for commercial cultivation in Pakistan

PARC striving for more productive varieties: Chairman PARC
Chairman PARC met with delegates of Seed Companies at PARC HQs

Islamabad (December 13, 2021),  Out of 129 hybrids/varieties, Seventy one (71) Maize Grain Hybrids, Two (02) Open Pollinated Maize Varieties, Five (05) Maize Fodder/Silage Hybrids, One (01) Sorghum Grain Hybrid, four (04) Pearl Millet Grain Hybrids and Six (06) Sorghum Sudan Grass Hybrids were recommended for commercial cultivation in Pakistan by the Variety Evaluation Committee on Maize, Sorghum, Millet & Fodder crops in a meeting held at Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Islamabad. Technical Members of VEC, from NARS and Private Seed companies participated in the Meeting.

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Chairman/PARC/VEC appreciated the important role of VEC for recommendations of hybrids and varieties of different crops which will reduce the import bill. He also highlighted the role of Public-Private Seed Sector in context of hybrid/varieties seed production of maize, sorghum, millet and fodder crops. Chairman, PARC also appreciated the role of PARC coordination and the increasing trust of stakeholders on the system. Honorable Chairman urged the importance of self-sufficiency in maize as a role model for other crops. He made compulsory DNA profile while entry submission in NUYT testing.

While discussing, Dr. Syed Waseem-ul-Hassan, Food Commissioner; MNSF&R emphasized on protocols to evaluate the entries. He enlightened the aim of the VEC for providing stable hybrids to every maize grower. He urged to promote Millet Grain to reduce the import.

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Chairman PARC before the start of the 10th VEC meeting on Maize, Sorghum, Millet and Fodder talked with the representatives of all seed companies including potato seed interpreter. Chairman PARC discussed the issues of companies. Chairman PARC urged the participants of various seed companies to promote local seed production to cut down the import bill. He also emphasized to arrange seminars/workshops to reduce communication gap between public & private sector. Chairman PARC appreciated the immerging trend of local research and development of private seed companies in the country.

(Atiq ul Ahsan Qureshi)
Incharge (PR&P), PARC

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