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Farmers Field Seminar on the Use of Solar Power for Irrigation and Household

Farmers Field Seminar on the Use of Solar Power for Irrigation and Household under the CEWRI-NARC sub-component of Rice PSDP Project at Mubarak Ali Farm in village Hardeve Sheikhupura, on November 24, 20215

A field seminar was conducted at Mubarak Ali Farm, village Hardeve in Sheikhupura district on November 24, 2021under the CEWRI-Subcomponent of rice PSDP project. A nexus of 120agricultural professionals and local farmers participated in the event. Heads of local lined agricultural departments including agricultural extension, On Farm Water Management and Adaptive Research Farm along with PD and PIs of Productivity Enhancement of Rice were the key speakers. While welcoming the participants, Mr Shahbaz Ali, on behalf of owner of the farm, showed his satisfaction and improved benefits for using the solar power both for pumping and household use.

Figure 1: Glimpses from field seminar at Village Hardev, Sheikhupura, during a farmers field seminar
on November 24, 2021

Dr Bashir Ahmad, Director CEWRI-NARC highlighted the water and energy management challenges in the country and provided an insight into the use of the improved irrigation methods and alternative energy resources in agriculture, in Pakistan. Dr Muhammad Yusuf, PD Rice PSDP project provided detailed achievements of the rice project and informed about the improved productivity and profitability by using the advance machinery, improved seed variety and irrigation management.

Dr Ghani Akbar, PI CEWRI sub-component focussed on the water and energy management issues under the rice-wheat cropping pattern and provided detailed information, how to improve the water productivity of rice, which is currently the lowestin the world. He also informed about the negative consequences of mounting diesel bill and increased load shedding during summer due to excessive use of conventional (diesel and electric) tube wells were explained and the rationale and technical details of solar driven (portable and fixed systems)pumping system, capable of pumping and house hold use were elaborated.

Figure 2: Glimpses from field demonstration of Solar Water pumping system at Village Hardeve, Sheikhupura,
during a farmers field seminar  on November 24, 2021

The Director Adaptive Research Farm Dr. Tariq, briefed about the ongoing research on his farm and informed about the benefits the adaptive research farm offers to the farming communities. The Deputy Director on Farm Water Management Ch. Chiragh Din provided details of the ongoing water management schemes in Sheikhupura district, especially theSolar Energy subsidy scheme from the Government of Punjab was explained in details for maximum farmers awareness and benefit. Similarly, the Deputy Director Agricultural Extension Mr Khalid Khan listed the subsidy schemes on agricultural machinery, seed and Kisan Card system, which is newly introduced in the Sheikhupura district and provided guidance how to avail these schemes. Later on, the Director Agricultural Engineering Institute, Dr Hafiz Sultan discussed the machinery role in improving crop productivity.

The PI of RRI-KSK sub-component Dr Shahbaz Hussain provided detailed information and awareness of his research finding related to rice varieties, weeds management and land management. Engr Shahid Hameed Khalid, SO CEWRI-NARC elaborated the technical design aspects and troubleshooting of solar pumping system. A video on the portable solar pumping system introduced by CEWRI and adopted by farmers was also part of the program. The solar pumping system installed at Mubarak Ali Farm in Village Hardeve was demonstrated and the various components were inspected by the farmers and farmers questions related to technical and financial details were answered in details.

Dr Ghani Akbar

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