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PARC NSTHRI Thatta introduces innovative planting technology for sugarcane;


Bid Chip method is a modern trend in agriculture sector; DG PARC-SARC

Islamabad(13th October 2021..............), PARC -National Sugar and Tropical Horticulture Research Institute (NSTHRI), Thatta organized a mega farmer’s gathering in collaboration with progressive grower of Sindh Mr. Aaqib Khan Jatoi, Ex-Provincial Minister at Sonehri agricultural farm, Moro, Sindh. The event was organized with a sole objective of supporting agriculture sector in Pakistan with adding of innovative planting technology for sugarcane. The event was attended by Mr. Aaqib Khan Jatoi, Ex-Provincial Minister, Sayed Nadeem Ahmad Shah, Vice President, Sindh Abadgar Board, Mr. Mir Mushtaq Ali Talpur, President, Sindh Abadgar Forum, Dr. Attaullah Khan Pathan, Director General, PARC-SARC, Karachi, representatives of different Sugar mills, Agriculture Extension Department, Agriculture Research Department, Farm Management & Engineering Department and progressive growers of different areas.

Speaking on this occasion Dr. Attaullah Khan, DG, PARC-SARC said that bud chip method is a modern trend in agriculture sector and is now the need of time. The world agriculture has moved towards latest mechanized cultivation methods but we are still adhered to primitive methods. Dr. Attaullah Khan hoped that bud chip method would get popular among the sugarcane growers in future because of its high scope for boosting sugarcane yield. Dr. Attaullah lauded the efforts of the scientists and said that PARC-NSTHRI, Thatta has made sugarcane planting very convenient and time saving for the growers through introduction of sugarcane seedling transplanter.

Mr. Aaqib Khan Jatoi in his welcome address said that modern and mechanized techniques of sugarcane cultivation are being used all over the world but we are far behind in this regard and still going after the conventional methods, which do not fully support the agrarian economy of the farming community in the country. Mr. Jatoi further said that sugarcane seedling transplanter introduced by PARC-NSTHRI, Thatta is a great breakthrough in agriculture technology and advised the growers to adopt sugarcane bud chip method for sugarcane cultivation, which is a cost effective and time saving technology which would enhance sugarcane yield as compared to conventional planting method.

Then Dr. Abdul Fatah Soomro, Director, PARC-NSTHRI while briefing about the sugarcane bud chip technology said thatamong the sugarcane cultivating countries of the world, Pakistan ranks on 5th position in terms of area under sugarcane cultivation but unfortunately we are standing on 15th number with respect to cane production due to relyon old methods of cultivation in sugarcane. Dr. Soomro said that PARC-NSTHRI has introduced sugarcane bud chip technology for promoting profitable sugarcane production in the country. Dr. Soomro emphasized numerous benefits of sugarcane bud chip technology and said that this new method is source of achieving healthy and pure seed of sugarcane, helps in maintaining the original purity of the cane varieties, saves seed cost and quantity, supports more germination with good and equal crop stand, maintains required plant population, ensures more number of millable canes. Dr. Soomro apprised the growers that the sugarcane seedlings developed through bud chip method can easily be transported from one place to another; moreover, through this technology, rapid seed multiplication of newly approved sugarcane varieties is possible. Dr. Soomro further said that PARC-NSTHRI has introduced sugarcane seedling transplanter for making the sugarcane bud chip seedling’s planting easy and less time consuming. The growers should take advantage of this new technology for boosting their economic returns from sugarcane. Sayed Nadeem Ahmed Shah, Vice President, Sindh Abadgar Board appreciated the efforts of the scientist of PARC-NSTHRI, Thatta and said that they are playing their part well in agriculture sector. Mr. Nadeem Saha further said that PARC-NSTHRI has not only introduced a modern method of sugarcane cultivation and sugarcane seedling transplanter but also contributed four high cane and sugar yielding varieties for commercial cultivation. Mr. Nadeem Shah urged upon the growers to adopt bud chip technology for sugarcane cultivation.

In the end of the event, field demonstration of sugarcane seedling transplanter was performed. During the demonstration, the growers took great interest in new planting technology.

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