Workshop on “Production Technology of Kiwifruit –From Seed Sowing to Fruit Production” at PARC-NTHRI Shinkiari Mansehra

One day farmers training workshop was organized on “Production technology of Kiwifruit – From Seed Sowing to Fruit Production” under Kiwifruit project “Evaluation, Adaptation Studiesand Popularization of Kiwifruit in Different Ecologies (Upper and Lower Altitude) of Hazara Division” at PARC-National Tea & High Value Crops Research Institute (P-NTHRI) Shinkiari, Mansehra on October 22nd 2020. More than 60 participants i.e., progressive famers, students, media and personals from different Districts of Hazara Division participated in the workshop/training. In addition, 25 participants including Scientists, Internees, Scientific Assistants from other sister organizations also participated in the event.Due to Covid-19, the workshop was organised by strictly following the SOPs issued by the government.

Director (P-NTHRI), delivered welcome address and highlighted NTHRI activities specially focused on popularization and commercialization of Kiwifruit in area. He also shared the interests of PARC for promotion of such a valuable fruit plant in Hazara Division and paid thanks to PARC Management for funding under ALP Project to promote high value cash crops in the area.  He assured the participants for provision of nursery plants and other inputs to plant this new & high value cash crop in the area, which will play a vital role for income generation of the growers. 

Principal Investigator of the project outlined the day long practical training sessions. He also presented a power point presentation and a poster on “Production technology of Kiwifruit – From Seed Sowing to Fruit Production” and highlighted the aims of the training workshop and various practices in the field.

In second session the participants walked down to the kiwifruit orchards and nurseries and performed practicals on kiwifruit orchard and nursery planning & management. PI (Kiwifruit project) imparted the practical training on selection and preparation of land, layout plan of kiwifruit orchard, preparation of pits for kiwi plantation,  the ratio between male and female kiwi plants in an orchard, identification of position of male plant, preparation of the supporting system for kiwi vine (T-bar trellises), trimming and pruning of kiwi plants. In the nursery he demonstrated propagation of kiwifruit by planting kiwi cuttings and grafting kiwi seedling rootstock and their nursery management.

In 3rd and last session group discussion/question answers were done among scientists and farmers. The participants also expressed their views. They appreciated the efforts of NTHRI for holding such a special skill development programme for them. The training session ended by distributing certificates and with the vote of thanks by Director NTHRI.

(Dr Noorullah Khan)
SSO/PI Kiwifruit Project (ALP),