Pak-China joins hand to boost agriculture productivity in major crops in Pakistan

Islamabad(12th December 2019........................): One day Sino-Pak Symposium on “Genomic Selection for Productivity Enhancement of Crops (Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane and Cotton) was organized by National Institute of Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) Islamabad on 12th December, 2019. Eminent Scientists led by Prof. Dr. Zhikang Li, Chief Scientist CAAS, Founder of GSR, PR China shared their research experiences on news breeding technologies for crop improvements. Syed Fakhar Imam, prominent Politician, Dr. Muhammad Hashim Popalzai, Federal Secretary for M/o NFS&R, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan Chairman, PARC, Dr. Muhammad Ali, DG, NARC and other prominent scientists participated and highlighted the importance of the event.

The experts made communications and discussions on related aspects, such as germplasm, transgenic against insect and herbicide, transformation technology as well as the mechanized planting. They also discussed the concept, theory and practices for Genomics and Biotechnology, Sugarcane genetic improvement through breeding, the genetic basis of Cotton fiber quality and yield related traits and its utilization for variety development, Selective introgression lines-based QTL mapping and QTL-designed Molecular breeding in Wheat.

 The experts of both countries agreed the China-Pak Joint Cooperation has made plentiful achievements. They hope to further deepen cooperation field and will strive to promote the development of two countries agriculture industries. The event provided the opportunity of collaboration among academia, researchers, industry and progressive growers to address the issues related to Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane and Cotton production for enhancing the production of better crops. The symposium aims to bring together academia, scientists, researchers, progressive farmers, industry and students to share and enhance the knowledge about innovations in breeding and biotechnology of these crops and to solve the problems faced by cotton for improving yield and quality.

Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan expressed on the occasion that Sino-Pak Symposium on innovation in Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane and Cotton breeding and Biotechnology brought together scientists and research scholars to discuss the enhance the knowledge about recent advanced technologies in major crops and to find the solutions of the contemporary issues in crop production through recent technological advances in genetics and to provide the valuable awareness about technological advances in agriculture to cope with the current rising problems of crops production.

Hassan Sajjad
(Incharge PR&P, PARC)
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Edited by: Muhammad Arshad Ullah 
Director (SC&P), NARC
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