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Climate Smart Agriculture can contribute in increased agricultural productivity and Food Security of the Country: Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman PARC

Islamabad: Pakistan Agricultural Research Centre (PARC) hold expert talk and dialogue on Climate Smart Agriculture - tools and solution to mitigate, adapt to changes while saving water and increasing farmer profitability at the same time.Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman PARC, Mr. Michael Davidson from USAonClimate Smart Agriculture,Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal Chairman NDMA and Mr. Muhammad Asad CEO, Buraq Integrated Solutions, was participants of the event.

Addressing to the event, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan said that Climate change has become the major challenge faced by the World today. Global warming resulting from elevated concentrations of Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere have significantly altered global climate during the last six decades resulting in severe and frequent floods, droughts, heat & cold waves, rapid glacier melting, changing snow pattern, Glacial lake outburst floods, sea level rise, resources degradation, and reduced agricultural productivity are potential threats posed by climate change. The Chairman, PARC further expressed that the future climate change projections warrant for concerted efforts by the government agencies and civil society at all levels to mitigate and adapt to the growing threats of climate change. There are various solution space to tackle the adverse impacts of climate change. We are lucky that today we have renowned expert Dr. Michael Davidson on climate smart agriculture. I am highly impressed the new technologies Grow Stream,the world first plant-responsive irrigation system - a smart subsurface irrigation system that interacts and responds to signals released by plants roots. It allows the plant to regulate its water delivery, resulting in unmatched plant performance, water saving by 30% compared to conventional drip irrigation system. It is a new type of drip irrigation system “Plant-responsive water delivery systems” that has completely reset the irrigation method. PARC is thankful to Dr. Michael Davidson of RDI choosing Pakistan for testing this innovative technology and also Maj Pervaiz of EVA-ANA-Farms for its pilot testing at NARC, Behawalpur, Ummer Kot and Quetta.

At the end of the Speech, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman, PARC said that let me appreciate Climate Energy and Water Research Institute (CEWRI) NARC team and DG NARC for pilot testing of this new technology and hosting this informative dialogue. I am also thankful to Dr. Michael Davidson of RDI and Maj Pervaiz of EVA-ANA-Farms for sharing their knowledge and pilot testing of this future technologies.We at the national government level are determined to go to any extent in tackling the issue of climate change with integrated and well-articulated efforts with global community. Hopefully, we all will continue joining hands together for safe and sustainable future.

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