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Achievements & Proven Technologies by PARC- Arid Zone Research Centre (AZRC), D.I.Khan

Arid Zone Research Center (AZRC) D.I. Khan was established under the umbrella of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) to cater the needs of arid and semi-arid areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and playing a key role for ensuring national food security and developing the agri. sector of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.PARC-Arid Zone Research Centre (AZRC), D.I. Khan has worked on Chickpea variety, Indus 2019 & Lentil 2019 and released from Provincial seed council, KP. Developed high yielding wheat line AZRC-11 which superseded all the 60 lines included in Wheat National Uniform Yield Trial-Rainfed-2018-19. DUS as well as Spot examination of this candidate line has been completed. Varietal approval for Expert committee has been submitted to Provincial Seed Council (KP). Groundnut Experiments under tube well irrigated conditions. This was the first time cultivation of groundnut in the history of these areas. Quite encouraging result were obtained. The highest yield were recorded as 5411 and 4455 kg per hectare respectively. This is quite higher yield and double than yield being obtained at Talagang and other part of country at farmers’ fields. Garlic and Onion Experiments at Riverine area, D.I.Khan. Two varieties of Onion one each from AARI Faisalabad (Phulkara) and ARS, Swat (Swat-1) and two varieties of Garlic (Lahson Gulabi and local selection (AZRC Thoom) have been successfully tested at farmer’s fields at two locations in Riverine area, D.I. Khan. This is first time cultivation of Onion and Garlic in this belt where farmers never cultivate such high values crops. The yield of onion exceeded19700 kg per hectare (Swat-1).while Yield of garlic was more than 13500 kg per hectare (AZRC Thoom).

Under the supervision of PARC-AZRC, D.I. Khan, Cotton promotion activities in DI Khan were designed to promote cotton cultivation in Gomal Zam command area and other areas of DIKhan. A group of three scientists was given the task to develop a liaison with Cotton Research Station (CRS) DI Khan to carry out these activities. ARICA and Layyah seed corporations were contacted for free seed distribution among farmers and proper visiting for guidance of the farmers about cultural and insect pest management was managed throughout the season in 2018.Line sowing of Quinoa in Southern KP is introduced. Also Moringa and Pongamia have proven best for an agro forestry model for wheat and chickpea. Established Silage and Hay production technology at AZRC farm for increased meat and milk production besides the objective provision of fodder during fodder scarcity period. Prepared the Silage from Corn (Zea mays) and Mott grass and Hay from Barseem. The Center has Provided the Advisory Services to the farmers of the areas about Health, Management, Care, Treatment and Feeding of small and large ruminants. Moreover, training camps (03) & 2 field days were organized at Centre for awareness of farming communes. Adaptive Measures for acclimatization of Angora Rabbits in warm climate of DI Khan were successfully demonstrated.

PARC-AZRC. D.I. Khan has also established a system of information provision, advisory services and free veterinary camps facility to farming communityfor effective cure for animal wounds/burns by application of herbal extracts and traditional medicines.


Dr. Noman Latif, AZRC, D.I. Khan                       Directorate of PR& Protocol, PARC

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