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Tea plantation is a wonderful agro-asset and contributes a lot in maintaining ecological balance. Muhammad Ayub Chaudry, Chairman, PARC

Islamabad(21-22 September 2019)................ - Mr. Muhammad Ayub Chaudhry Chairman PARC along with the Joint Secretary M/o National Food Security & Research, Islamabad Dr. Muhammad Khurshid visited PARC - National Tea & High Values Crops Research Institute (NTHRI) Shinkiari (Mansehra).

Dr. F.S. Hamid CSO/Director, NTHRI well come the Chairman and Joint Secretary MnFSR at the Institute.  In the welcome session CSO/Director of the Institute briefed about the long history of tea cultivation and present status with potential of this high valuable crop. Later on the Chairman was briefed through presentation on research and developmental work with new activities of high value crops i.e., Tea, Kiwi, Olive, Litchi, Fruits, Vegetables. The Director, NTHRI also briefed about Tea processing of both black & green tea and highlighted key role of NTHRI for the developmental activities of aforementioned crops in District Mansehra (KPK). 

Later on both guest visited the black tea processing plant “gifted by Turkey” and they took very keen interest during all the processing process on this automatic plant. Here after had a step to green tea processing plant. Muhammad Ayub Chaudry, Chairman, PARC said that Tea plantation is a wonderful agro-asset and contributes a lot in maintaining ecological balance. Chairman, PARC further added that he emphasized to boost up the plantation area so the processing cost could reduce and farmers gain more attraction for generation of their income either by direct involvement or indirect source which can be utilized for tea production on a large scale make a great revolution in agricultural sector as present government very much on keen interest in agricultural sector to save the foreign exchequer burden on our GDP as we are far behind the target. At the end, the guests visited tea nursery, plantation, progeny garden, Kiwi Fruits orchard, Fruit orchards (germplasm), Olive nursery, Vegetables Section, and NTHRI display center. They took very keen interest in all parts of activity and highly impressed the achievements of NTHRI (PARC). The Chairman PARC along with Joint Secretary also paid a visit to farmer tea garden (Sum area) at the last leg of his visit both the guests were planted trees of Olive and Pine. At the end Dr. F.S Hamid CSO/Director, NTHRI offer vote of thanks to both the dignities.

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