NARC in boosting up the beekeeping sector in Pakistan. Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, DG, NARC

Honeybee Training Workshop organized at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC)

Four Days Advanced Training Workshop has been organized by the Honeybee Research Institute at NARC, Islamabad, Pakistan. The objective is to raise the awareness about the role and importance of bees in ecosystem and to draw the attention of the people for the protection and conservation of honeybees and other pollinators. The contents of the training workshop are principles of Queen Rearing & stock improvement, queen rearing methods (traditional and non traditional), choosing the best stock (hive) to raise queens, grafting frame honey composition, quality control parameters, granulation & quality grading,  and preparation of honey samples for testing & analysis.

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali DG, NARC as the chief guest of the event emphasized on enhancing the scope of research activities regarding pollination, mites and disease control, quality queen breeding and honey analysis. He further added that NARC is playing a vital role in boosting up beekeeping sector in Pakistan. Dr. Ghulam M. Ali further added that honey production is very useful business in Pakistan. Honey production and beekeeping are environment friendly practices. These non-farming business activities have the potential to provide a wide range of economic contributions and Honeybee Research Institute, NARC is main hub for boosting up the beekeeping sector in Pakistan. Director, Honey Bee Research Institute (HBRI), NARC highlighted the role of PARC and emphasized on the need to save the bees for the services that they provide to the humanity. He also spoke on the importance of honeybees as pollinators and the conservation of bees for the conservation of biodiversity as well as further steps in enhancing the status of bees in Pakistan. He also emphasized on the need to improve and strengthen the honey analysis laboratories to keep a check on the honey quality and pesticide residues in honey with special focus on increasing the honey export of Pakistan by reaching the European honey market. He highlighted the major issues such as deforestation, indiscriminate use of pesticides, climate change effects as well as bee colony problems. Professors from different Universities in Pakistan, beekeepers, scientists / para-scientists are also participants of the four days Workshop. The workshop will continue up-to 18th April, 2019. A beekeeper from Chakwal also presented the problems faced by beekeeper and urged the scientists to resolve the issues faced by beekeepers.

(Hassan Sajjad)
Incharge (PR&P) PARC
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Edited by: Muhammad Fiaz Joyia
Director (SC&P) NARC
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