SAARC Consultation Meeting on “Small Scale Fisheries In South Asia” Jointly Organized by SAARC Agriculture Centre (SARC) and PARC

Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan, Federal Minister for M/o NFS&R, Islamabad and Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I., Chairman PARC were the Chief Guests of the Event

(Islamabad 28th Nov, 2018)…. Fishery is an important sector of country’s food production. A consultation meeting was jointly organized by SAARC Agriculture Centre (SARC) and PARC under Aquaculture and Fisheries Program on “Small Scale Fisheries In South Asia” which was held on 27th to 28th Nov, 2018 at local hotel in Islamabad.

This consultation meeting was beneficial to development of fisheries sector of the country and knowledge dissemination about Asia’s zone small fisheries production. Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Sahibzada M. Mehboob Sultan and Chairman PARC, Dr. Yusuf Zafar, T.I. was the chief guest at the event whereas Dr. S.S. Giri, Senior Program Specialist, SAARC Agriculture Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh were also present at the occasion and shared his views and experience. Other dignities from different sector of food production also participated in the meeting.

Addressing to the participants, Aquaculture Scientists and fisheries experts of the SAARC Member Countries termed the destruction of fish habitat, pollution, siltation, logging and mining were posing threat to the fisheries and aqua life across the globe. The participants shared their views said that lack of community based traditional, cooperation, assistance, trade unions and co-management regime for the greater legitimacy and ownership were the other challenges faced by the fisheries sector and halting their growth. They participants also expressed that fisheries sector was working like engine of economic growth and its world wide trade was recorded at US$ 171 billion annually, whereas South Asia was exporting fish and fish products worth US$ 6.5 billion within 4 percent year on year growth.

Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan, Federal Minister for M/o NFSR, Islamabad said that this meeting has provided an opportunity for the scientists and policy makers to interact and discuss the present issues and opportunities in small scale fisheries in your respective countries and formulate policy guidelines for the region.  SAARC countries are located in an area with immense possibilities and opportunities for the development of agriculture in general and fisheries in particular. It’s always heartening to see the scientific community and technical experts take a lead in a sector related to livelihoods of millions of people. Regional cooperation in areas of mutual interest like agriculture and fisheries can result in accelerating the pace of growth to optimum levels. This increased pace can ultimately be used for poverty reduction, providing livelihoods to marginalized populations and also act as fulcrum around which the dream of a better tomorrow for our future generations can be realized. Let’s convert this energy into a tangible work plan that can be used as a reference while formulating development initiatives for the fisheries sectors in yours respective countries. I assure you full support from the Government of Pakistan and will make every effort to make your stay in Islamabad both productive and enjoyable.

Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I., Chairman, PARC said that All of us need to recognize the importance of small scale fisheries and the potential it can play in optimizing rural economy. The salvation of SAARC region is in transformation of rural population, as this is where majority of the population lives. Transforming the lives of rural population and putting efforts to help people come out of poverty trap is a herculean task. Development of small scale fisheries provides us a valuable tool to achieve targets of this immense challenge.

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Edited by: Muhammad Fiaz Joyia 
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