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Good Quality Seed is Pre-Requisite for High Productivity in Rice. Variety of New Rice Hybrid Seed will raise the Crop per Acre Yield: Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I., Chairman PARC

Efforts of PARC scientists are admirable for developing agri. Sector& food security in Pakistan, Mrs. Krishna Kumari, Senator

Islamabad (17thOctober, 2018)....... International event jointly arranged for Training of Pakistani Professionals on Hybrid Rice Technology by Pakistan and China in September concluded at National Agricultural Research Centre. Major aim of this effortwas train a force on Hybrid Seed Development and seed production in addition to adoption of Hybrid Rice Promotion for productivity enhancement, profitability and extra surpluses for increasing exports. The Chinese experts along-with participants of the training course travelled in the traditional kallar tract of the Punjab. The purpose was to understand exact Hybrid Seed requirements of Pakistan for different regions and showcase the Hybrid Rice varieties. Closing Ceremony of “2018 Training Course on Hybrid Rice Technology in Pakistan” was held at NARC, Islamabad.

Addressing to the closing ceremony participants, the Chief Guest, Dr. Yusuf Zafar, T.I, Chairman, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) said that the new rice varieties would help Pakistani farmers to significantly increase per acre yield and hence the country would be able to export more rice to other countries. For the purpose, Good quality seed is pre-requisite for high productivity; this will raise crop per acre yield.

Dr. Humayun Javed, Sr. Joint Secretary, Ministry of National Food Security & Research, in his address, expressed that cooperation between Pakistan and China has enabled Pakistan to export hybrid rice seeds for the first time in the country’s agriculture history. He appreciated role of the stakeholders for taking interest in rice research and development and working in close collaboration with the public sector.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Muhammad Anjum Ali, Member, Plant Sciences Division, PARC appreciated Chinese support to improve rice productivity in Pakistan. He further emphasized that introduction of new rice varieties would not only produce promising crop yields but also help farmers to raise their incomes to improve their livelihood and ultimately play role in building of overall economy of the country. Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, DG, NARC thanked all the participants including guests and also showed gratitude to Govt. of China & Pakistan.

Dr. Zheng Bing, Secretary Chinese Embassy showed his full support and commitment for the betterment of Agriculture Sector in Pakistan. Prof. Wang Xiosong, Deputy General Manager, Longping High-Tech Agricultural Co. Ltd, China and Senator Mrs. Krishana Kumari also attended this event and appreciated the efforts of PARC for training of agriculture professionals and expected that fruit of their efforts will bore fruit in the shape of improvement in socio-economic conditions in the rural life especially poor farm laborers. She also added that efforts of PARC scientists for developing of Agri. Sector & Food Security in Pakistan are admirable.


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