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Media Talk on Climate Change Adaptation Policy and Science Conference

ISLAMABAD (February 25th 2018...........)  A media briefing for the 4th Climate Change Adaptation Policy and Science Conference, was held in Serena Hotel from 4pm to 5pm. The media talk was held to disseminate the prospects of the CCAPS conference to public. The media talk was co-organized by PARC, ICIMOD and LEAD Pakistan. Dr. David Molden D.G. ICIMOD , Dr. Phillippus Westers, Regional Program Manager at ICIMOD’s Mountain Knowledge and Action Networks (MKAN) Regional Programme, Dr. Ali Tauqir Sheikh CEO LEAD Pakistan, Dr. Yusuf Zafar (T.I)  Chairman PARC, and CO-PI HI-AWARE, PARC, talked to the representatives of print and electronic media. These renowned professionals will also perform the role of panellists because of their unmatched expertise in their respective fields.

Facilitator of the media talk and Co-PI HI-AWARE, PARC explained that Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), under the “Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HI-AWARE) research project, is organizing this conference on February 26th-27th, 2018 at Islamabad Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan.

HI-AWARE is a regional project being implemented by PARC in Pakistan, ICIMOD in Nepal, TERI in India, BCAS in Bangladesh, and Alterra in the Netherlands funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the UK Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development (DFID) under the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) programme. Lead Pakistan is strategic partner for HI-AWARE implementation in Pakistan.

The conference is aiming at building a platform for climate change adaptation and resilience research in the region which will create synergies with actions currently conducted or proposed by other actors. The conference will facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas on science, policy and good practices related to climate change adaptation in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan (HKH) region especially across Indus-Ganges-Brahmaputra River Basins. 

Chairman PARC, Dr. Yusuf formally opened the session and Introduced PARC to the participants. He explained that PARC in collaboration with ICIMOD, PMD, developed the first glacier inventory of Pakistan. PARC is the apex organization for agricultural research in Pakistan and focal institution for providing inputs IPCC reports regarding agriculture sector of Pakistan

Dr. David Molden, D.G  ICIMOD, introduced the ICIMOD to the participants. ICIMOD functions across eight countries across South Asia, mainly for mountain and for people. ICIMOD is working on different sectors including climate change challenges, water and agriculture. Dr. David expressed his joy on extending ICIMOD’s work in Pakistan and working for solutions for the issues related to climate change and mountain people.

Dr. Phillip Wester, Regional Programme Manager ICIMOD, introduced HI-AWARE to the participants. Dr. Philip explained that back in 2013 when ICIMOD set out to work on HI-AWARE with Ministry of Climate Change and other stakeholders. There was not much understanding and acceptation of the issue of climate change and they were confused whether it is true or not. He explained that PARC has helped to raise awareness regarding climate change, its challenges and adaptation in Pakistan

Dr. Philip announced the three main expected outcomes of CCAPS like; to highlight the importance of mountain water, what does it means for future. Investment in Climate change adaptation, and Disaster risk reduction in Pakistan

Dr. Ali Tauqeer, CEO LEAD Pakistan explained that Climate change is one of the urgent and important issues of the world. He said that our policy and investments regarding climate change should be based on scientific evidence. Dr. Ali explained that his interaction with Parliamentarians from Gilgit Baltistan last year was very fruitful for climate change adaptation efforts in Pakistan.

Responding to the questions, it was told by the panellists that the change in decreased snowfall cannot be linked with climate change directly, if the variation is in less than 5 years. When we talk about Climate change, the conditions are observed at least for 20 years. This effect is not only in Astore but we have same observations in the overall HKH. HI-AWARE has been working on different researches related to this issue and developed different climate models.

It was also told that we all are living on one planet and climate change is a global issue. For which all countries are working together through different platforms. The major role which ICIMOD is playing is by telling the world what is happening in the mountains. Through research we are getting field based data related to climate change impact and sharing it with the global communities to get global action. This is helping us get a global picture of changes in snowfall pattern, water resources and agricultural sector.

 Responding to a question, Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I., Chairman PARC told that Pakistan has been working on many initiative on global scale with international partners. In the Green Climate Fund, Pakistan will be competing for two projects. 1) A project for Indus basin in which PARC, FAO and PMD are partners 2)  A project for Baluchistan , the main partners are MoCC and UNEP. PARC has been working on climate smart technologies from the past few decades. The agriculture sector of Pakistan is improving and we are having high records of production of wheat, sugar and potato. He pointed out that we in Pakistan are one of the most vulnerable people in terms of climate change.

ICIMOD responded that we need to decarbonize at a level where zero carbon is emitted. This is for all countries in the world and we have agreed upon this.  On average an increase of 1.5 degree C globally mean, the temperature will rise 2.1 degree C in the mountains. That makes the mountains more vulnerable

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