Seminar on “Importance and Establishment of Kiwifruit at Mansehra Area”

NTHRI (19th October 2017)….. An awareness seminar regarding the importance and establishment of Kiwifruit in Mansehra area at National Tea and High value Crops Research Institute, PARC, Shinkiari, Mansehra held on 19th October, 2017. Director, NTHRI welcome the participants and highlighted the role of NTHRI for the promotion of Kiwifruit at District Mansehra and diversification among the farmers. Dr. Muhammad Anjum Ali, Member (PSD), PARC chaired the seminar. Among others the Farmers, Scientist from Provincial Agricultural Research, Extension Departments, Teachers, Professors and students from Hazara University, Incharge Unilever Tea (Ltd.) and Field Manager of ICI Pakistan also participated in the seminar. Dr. Muhammad Anjum Ali, Member (PSD), PARC briefed the participants about the cropping technology, climatic conditions, soil requirements and nutritional value / importance of kiwifruit and highlighted the role of NTHRI for its promotion / extension up to the farmers field to replace the other non-profitable fruit crops. He also emphasized and expressed his views that the farmers should come to join and join hand with NTHRI for the promotion of this crop, which is not only a profitable crop but also have many valuable nutritive values.

SSO (Fruit Crops) briefed its nutritional importance and explained that it has the capability to prevent diseases like Cancer and heart attack due the presence of Ascorbic acid, Vit. C and E, Carotinoids and Polyphenolic compounds. The speakers emphasized on the economic value of the fruit which could endow with more income than any other fruit orchard. It was also elucidated that intercropping can be of extra benefit for kiwifruit growers. A short visit was also performed to observe and harvesting of kiwifruits adopted from three years in the field as well.


Dr. Abdul Waheed,

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Edited by Muhammad Fiaz Joyia
Director (SI&P), NARC

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