PARC Developed 1st Draft of Food Security Policy in Consultation with Provincial Partners, Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I., Chairman, PARC

ISLAMABAD: (8th August, 2017)  ……. 8th Meeting of Inter Provincial Research Coordination Committee (IPARCC) held at PARC HQs Islamabad under the convenership of Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I., Chairman PARC. Provincial Partners of Agricultural Research / Livestock, Planners and Academia head included Gilgit Baltistan participated in the meeting.

Dr. Yusuf Zafar Chairman, PARC apprised the members that the main objectives of IPARCC is to have greater research coordination among the Federal & Provincial research partners to develop a concrete agriculture research agenda and PARC being a Federal Research Organization, have to perform the role of an effective coordinator and facilitator. The Chair hoped that such events will be helpful to share the knowledge, on-going research activities, enhance the Collaborative research opportunities for logic conclusion to address issues as well as to set priorities for the future research in National Agricultural Research System (NARS).

During the Speech, the Chairman, PARC also informed the forum that PARC has developed 1st draft of Food Security Policy in consultation with provincial partners and ready to be placed before the Cabinet for deliberation. Provincial partners of Agriculture and Livestock sector delivered their presentation by highlighting the initiatives taken in their provinces for boosting up the research activities.

At the end, the Committee unanimously agreed to join hand together for collaborative research activities, issue based commissioned research projects, policy research, climate change and food security.

(Maqbool Shahbaz)                                                                       Edited by: Muhammad Fiaz Joyia
Director (PR&P) PARC                                                                     Director (SI), NARC
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