PARC holds National Seminar on Development of a Dual Purpose Chicken Breed for Rural Poultry Sector of Pakistan.

Islamabad (May 15, 2017)…… Poultry production is the most efficient and economical system of animal protein production. The fastest converter of crude nutrients into high quality of animal proteins offers a rapid way to overcome Pakistan’s shortage of protein of animal origin. From the start of poultry industry in Pakistan, a number of exotic strains have been imported mainly from the temperate countries. This was stated by Dr. Yusuf Zafar (T.I) Chairman PARC while addressing to participants at the occasion of the national seminar on “Development of a Dual Purpose Chicken Breed for Rural Poultry Sector of Pakistan” held at National Agricultural Research Council (NARC).

He said that development and conservation of local Naked Neck breed and hybridizing with Rhode Island Red and Black Australorp will help us to develop high producing dual purpose breed for rural areas.

Dr. Johar Ali, Member (ASD) said at the occasion that our indigenous poultry possesses bright prospects for future development in view of easy and abundant availability of all the requisite inputs such as land, labor and feed resources in rural areas and lower cost of production as compared to commercial poultry. Indigenous chickens have the advantage of being well adapted to the local environmental conditions (hot, cold, humid, dry and rainy weather). These chickens are scavengers by nature and scavenge for their own feed from morning to evening around houses and fields.

Sr. Director (ASI) said at the occasion that another advantage of the naked neck chicken is the good taste & flavor of both eggs and meat as claimed by the common consumer. In order to enhance the rural poultry egg and meat production, it is desirable to develop breeds with better egg & meat production and suitable to the local environment. Selection, development and conservation of indigenous poultry breeds and hybridizing with high producing exotic breeds will help us to develop high producing dual purpose breed for rural areas. These hybridized local genetic resources can be further utilized to develop our own dual purpose rural chickens, adjustable to the local environmental conditions.

Director (LRS) said that during the first year 1530 eggs of NN were set in a private hatchery in 10 batches. The average day old chick weight was 37.9 grams which increased to 50.4 + 8.7 in first week. At the end of brooding phase birds attained average body weight 284.6 + 62.6 grams. He said that currently more than 200 NN birds are laying eggs at the Poultry Section.

At end of session, Dr. M. Azeem Khan, DG NARC paid vote of thanks to all participants and said that with the genetic improvement of selected indigenous naked neck by crossing with exotic poultry breeds of Rhode Island Red and Black Australorp will effect positively over poultry production in country.

(Shahbaz Maqbool)
Director (PR&P) PARC
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  Edited by: Muhammad Fiaz Joyia
Director (SI), NARC
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