3rd International Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Bio-technology Hosted by PARC in Collaboration with COMSATS, ISESCO and CIMMYT.

Islamabad, (April 26):   Agriculture is the largest sector of our country. One third of our population is directly in-touched with this sector. Agriculture is the back bone of our country’s economy. This was stated by Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan while addressing at inaugural session of two days 3rd International Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Bio-technology on Wednesday here at National Agricultural Research Center auditorium. The event was organized by PARC in the collaboration with COMSATS, CIMMYT and ISESCO.

Federal Minister said that Prime Minister of Pakistan is also very keen upon development of agriculture sector and he is taking various steps to enhance production of agriculture sector. An amount of 20 billion is allocated for betterment of policies and farmers.He said that government is very much focusing on farmer’s livelihood uplift and implementation of smart agriculture policies including climate change. We have achieved improvement in different crops like Wheat, Potato, Rice & sugarcane and collaborative efforts will lead us towards golden era of agriculture development. He further said that all the modern techniques should be applied to agriculture sector and safe use of bio-technology is our agenda. He assured that Ministry of National Food Security and Research will continue help to boost our agriculture with the collaboration of all stakeholders, universities, scientists, institutes, policy makers, experts and exchange of young scientists (between partner countries) for sustainable agriculture development to achieve our goals.

Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik, Former Chairman PARC said at this occasion that we are very well known in bio-tech research in 80s but we lost our position. Now we have to work very hard to implement new technology based research results to our fields. When our farmers use new technology in their fields we could be able to get more production and per capita income will be increased. With the help of bio-technology we can help our brother countries in food security and production. He said that this conference is very meaningful for agri sector development and university students. The major problem to implement new technology is that we apply old methods to crops. He further said that we are going to develop many mega projects. There is not a single scientific proven side-effect of this technology.

Dr. Yusuf Zafar (T.I), Chairman PARC said that use of new technology is essential for every aspect of agriculture sector. He said that this is the era of knowledge. We have to take serious steps towards knowledge base research and should provide all basic needs to achieve our goals. In Pakistan PARC has worked a lot in Bio-technology field and now we have Bio-technology centers in all provinces of Pakistan. He appreciated the efforts of Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik for the betterment of agriculture. He said that if we want to be up then we have to develop all sector through knowledge. He hoped that by sharing knowledge and experience fruitful outcomes will be achieved from this event.

At this occasion Mr. Tajamul Hussain, Advisor COMSATS said that we are very thankful to PARC for organizing such a great event. He assured full support of COMSATS in this regard. It is challenging to optimize the difficulties in agriculture sector.

At the end Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Sikandar Hayat Bosan Khan presented shields to international scientists and experts. Dr. Muhammad Ali, Senior Director (NIGAB) / Member (C&M), PARC thanked all the guests and offered concluding remarks at the occasion.

(Maqbool Shahbaz)                                                   Edited by: Muhammad Fiaz Joyia
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