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D.G. FAO meets the Ministers of Food and Agriculture from all Provinces

Islamabad (October 05, 2016)……The Director General of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations Dr. Jose Graziano da Silva discussed in detail crop production and demand supply trends all over the world and explained the issues at hand that are common to all farmers and agriculture sector globally.

DG FAO mentioned stress issues like securing natural water resources and its efficient consumption, technical capacity building of the farmers, improvement of cereal crop production and its utilization around the world. He also pointed out the impact of climate change on the issues of crop production including pest and diseases tolerance to pesticides and vaccines with the rise in temperature globally.

He showed his concern about the livestock consumption by human being and for insuring healthy and hygienic meat for human consumption. FAO has already started coordinating with World Health Organization (WHO). While discussing these global issues the DG FAO advised the representatives from all provinces of Pakistan to help the organization in combating all these issues and requested the Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research (NFSR), Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, that the federation of Pakistan needs to develop better and efficient coordination among the provinces especially for water resources management and cereal crop production.

The Federal Minister for NFSR, Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan warmly welcomed the DG FAO Dr. Jose Graziano da Silva and thanked him for a detailed deliberation on the very important sector that share common grunts with the rest of the world. The Federal Minister ensured that the government of Pakistan stands with FAO and fully support all the efforts of FAO in improving the agricultural sector and eradication of pests and diseases of agro related commodities and livestock.

The Ministers and the representative from all the provinces shared their information and issues of their respective provinces. The issues highlighted during the meeting include soil erosion due to heavy rainfall, efficient distribution of water to far-flung areas of Balochistan specially, and overall price related issues of crops and genuine concerns of farmers.

At the end of the meeting the DG FAO Dr. Jose Graziano da Silva, Federal Minister for NFSR Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, the provincial Ministers & Secretaries, Federal Secretary MNFSR M Abid Javed, FAO Representative in Pakistan, Patrick T. Evans, Chairman PARC Dr. Nadeem Amjad and other experts shared mutual feelings of concern and resolve to solve the major issues with the help of Food & Agriculture Organization in Pakistan.

 ( Sardar Ghulam Mustafa )                                                 Edited by : (Sabiha Amin)
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