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USAID-AMD Project and PARC conduct Seminar on the Use of Innovative Technologies for Promoting Meat Exports.

Karachi  (19 September 2016)….........The Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research (NFSR) Mr. Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, while addressing on the occasion of a seminar on the use of innovative technologies for promoting meat exports at a local hotel in Karachi and celebrations of launching first consignment of processed meat to Malaysia, appreciated the role of Agricultural Market Development (AMD) Project  of USAID on promoting Livestock Sector in Pakistan. He also congratulated the Tata Group and other meat exporters for their new venture and opening new international markets for export of Pakistani meat.

The Federal Minister said that livestock makes up 56% of the agriculture sector, and is the mainstay of farming communities. The livestock wealth of Pakistan is over 175 million livestock heads. This sector meets the domestic demand of milk, meat and eggs and also provides net source of foreign earnings.

Mr. Bosan said that the production of meat is an integral part of the livestock sector value chain, serving both the domestic and export market needs and provides a source of foreign earnings from meat and meat products. However, the meat exports are confined to a few conventional and low end markets and captured less than 5% share of the international halal meat market, he added.

He said that Pakistan’s meat export to the Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, GCC and Afghanistan during 2015-16 were above US$ 300 million. Almost similar milestone has been achieved for livestock by-product exports. This sector has much more potential and can fetch a good share from international meat market. 

He said that the meat industry of Pakistan is growing rapidly and the professionals with more progressive approach are coming forward. However, they are facing challenges of quality and competitiveness and standards in local as well as international markets. The major constraints to accessing more of the international markets such as China, Russia, Indonesia and South Africa are primarily related to inability to provide a diversified range of livestock products at competitive prices and international standards.

He said that the reasons of slow progress lied at grass-root level with lack of basic infrastructure, scientific technical and Research and Development support to meat industry. This sector did not receive much attention as that of poultry and dairy sectors. Supply change issues, informal financial transactions and absence of quality meat grading systems, commercial feedlot ventures and technical expertise deprive Pakistan’s meat sector of its true potential.

He said that it is the need of the time for the public and private sector to join hands in order to shape the meat industry of Pakistan. The support rendered by the USAID-AMD in this regard is highly appreciable and a role model for others to come forward and support this industry. For the livestock sector specifically, the USAID AMD project is providing grant and technical assistance to feedlots, abattoirs, assembly farms for small ruminants, cold chains and export facilities as well as facilitating access to high potential markets for meat and meat by-products. He said that through the AMD activity, USAID is providing integrated support to the agriculture sector for upgrading equipment to boost exports, introducing innovative meat cuts and packing technology, streamlining supply chains and ultimately helping make Pakistani producers and exporters meet international food standards and become more competitive and more profitable.

Minister said that the United States has played significant role for many years to support the development of Pakistan’s livestock sector and hope this effort is picked up by other stakeholders in the sector. The US government is confident that these efforts would help Pakistan emerge as a major player in the international meat market.

On this occasion Dr. Shahid Rafique, Member (Animal Sciences) PARC,Former DG of Department of Plant Protection MNFS&R, Chief of Party AMD Project and other speakers addressed and highlighted various innovative technologies to promote halal meat export, constraints and solution for export, regulatory requirements and meat value chain in Pakistan and facilities. 

( Sardar Ghulam Mustafa )                                                  Edited by : (Sabiha Amin)
Director (PR&P)  PARC                                                        Principal Editor (SI), NARC
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