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Farmer Training on Cultivation of Kitchen Gardening and Vegetables to Create Alternate Sources of Income and Food at AZRI, Bahawalpur

AZRI, Bahawalpur (19 June)……… A five days farmer training course on “Farmer Training on cultivation of kitchen gardening and vegetables to create alternate sources of income and food” was organized by AZRI, Bahawalpur w.e.f 15-19 June, 2016 at at Chack No 115/ DNB Cholistan under the RADP’s Subproject entitled “Farmer’s training and demonstration of innovative practices for farmers of Lesser Cholistan and Bahawalpur Division”.  More than 45 famers of both gender (male & female) of the various adjoining areas of Derawar Cholistan of Bahawalpur participated in that training session. The Director AZRI, Bahawalpur highlighted the importance and objectives of above mentioned training for the capacity building of the farmers through training and demonstration of innovative practices and by the dissemination of knowledge based technologies for the cultivation of kitchen gardening and vegetables to create alternate sources of income and food.

Different resource persons delivered detailed lectures on profitable cultivation of kitchen gardening, especially various vegetables of both seasons such as tomato, cucumber, onion, garlic, chili, egg plant, lady finger and carrot. Detailed lectures with field demonstration were delivered on complete production technology, nursery raising techniques, transplanting in field conditions, direction of the kitchen gardening to wind & sun, various tools of kitchen gardening, pits, pots, trays, trollies, tyres and wodden boxes, proper timing and balance use of fertilizer, irrigation, use of organic fertilizer, fruit harvesting and value addition to get economic return, balance nutrition and food security.

On the concluding session MS Shama Bibi lady Counselor of Chack No.115/ DNB Cholistan while representing the farming community, thanked the Director AZRI and his team for arranging such productive and comprehensive training programme for the capacity building of the farmers of Cholistani area who were never approached before by any research organization for their skills and knowledge improvement and requested to arrange such more trainings in future on other major crops. The Director AZRI ensured this institute will provide further technical guidelines to the farmers of area particularly Cholistan. They are always welcomed to visit the demonstration farm of AZRI, Bahawalpur during the office hours.


Malik Muhammad Yousaf
Director, AZRI, Bahawalpur
Cell: 0300-6827919
Edited by: (Muhammad Fiaz Joyia)
Director (SI), NARC
Cell: 0301-5158970



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