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Farmers Training on “Cultivation and Quality Production of Medicinal Plants in lesser Cholistan and Southern Punjab through Value Addition and Value Chain Approach” at AZRI, Bahawalpur

AZRI, Bahawalpur (20th May)…….. A five days farmer training course on Cultivation and Quality Production of Medicinal Plants in lesser Cholistan and Southern Punjab through Value Addition and Value Chain Approach” has been organized by AZRI, Bahawalpur w.e.f 16th-20th May, 2016 under the RADP’s Subproject entitled “Farmer’s training and demonstration of innovative practices for farmers of Lesser Cholistan and Bahawalpur Division”. The 40 farmers of the various rural areas of Bahawalpur participated in that training session. The Senior Director AZRI, Bahawalpur highlighted the objectives of above mentioned training for the capacity building of the farmers through training and demonstration of innovative practices and by the dissemination of knowledge based technologies to improve the quality of commercially important medicinal plants.

As the Bahawalpur division including Cholistan is the hub of many unique medicinal plants that can be grown commercial with the technical coaching of the farmers of the area through value addition and value chain approach, so the comprehensive training course has been conducted by AZRI, Bahawalpur. Different lectures were delivered by various resource persons during the technical sessions of 5 days training programme. The following medicinal plants were included in the training program.  Nigella sativa (Kalongi), Moringa oleifera (Sohanjna), Plantago major ( ispaghol), Lallementia royleana (Tukhm-e-balungoo), Foeniculum vulgare (Sonf), Eruca sativa (Taramira), Linum usitatissimum (Linseed), foenum-graecum (Methi), Sesamum Indicum (Till), Coriandrum sativum (Dhanya), Trachyspermum ammi (Ajwain), Citrullus colocynthis (core-tumma), Tribulus terrestris (Bahkra), Salvadora oleoides (Piloo), Acacia nilotica (Kiker),Prosopis cineraria (Kandi), Tamarix aphylla (Frash), Cassia fistula Linn (Amaltas),Achyranthes aspera Linn (Puth Kanda), Aerva javanica (Boil), Alhagi camelorum (Javan), Anamitra cocculus (Kakanari), Amaranthus trilocular Linn (Lal Sag), Argemone mxicana (Peela dhatoora),Balanites aegyptiaca Linn (Hinghot), Barleria prionites Linn (Karunta), Butea monosperma (Chichrah), Calotropis procera (Ak ),Capparis decidua (Kar), Cassia senna Linn (Sanna makki ), Cleome brachycarpa (Kasturi), Clerodendron phlomoides Linn (Tankar), Commiphora wightii (Guggul), Enicostemma hyssopifolium (Nandho), Euphorbia caducifolia (Dhodhi), Heliotropium eichwaldi (Uthchara), Zizypus nummularia (Kaken Ber), Ricinus communis Linn (Arandi) and Lycium deppressum (Chirchita).

In addition, he highlighted about different ongoing activities of the Institute particularly about medicinal crops, different field crops, arid horticultural crops & desert grasses, shrubs and trees with especial reference to arid climatic conditions to cope up the drought in the Cholistan area and the improvement of crop productivity through application of latest research outcomes. He emphasized the farmers to improve their yield by adopting innovative technologies generated by the scientists of Arid Zone Research Institute, Bahawalpur. He also shared the latest technology and system about the use of high efficiency Irrigation System, Micro Irrigation, drip irrigation and Centre Pivot Irrigation System to save each drop of water and make the productive use of each and every drop of water. He also paid attention of farmers for the use of Biogas and Solar System to rectify the energy crises in the country and ultimately to uplift the irrigation water through these new interventions.

On the occasion Mr. Muhammad Abbas Chairman Union Council, Meerana Cholistan thanked the Senior Director AZRI and his team for arranging such productive and comprehensive training programme for the capacity building of the farmers and requested to arrange such training in his Union council that is in the remote area of The Director AZRI ensured this Institute will provide further technical guidelines to the farmers of area particularly Cholistan. They are always welcomed to visit the demonstration farm of AZRI, Bahawalpur during the office hours.


(Malik Muhammad Yousaf)
Senior Director, AZRI, Bahawalpur
Cell # +92 300 6827919
Edited by: (Sabiha Amin)
Principal Eidtor, (PJAR), DSI
Cell: 0331-5123080



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