Audio Visual Communication


In the early years and particularly during the development phase of the project a tremendous job was done by the technical staff of the project. The significant contribution of AVC includes inter alia the following:

Central Media Library
A Central Media Library, containing audio and video programmes produced by AVC and acquired from other national and international agencies, and related literature, has been established at AVC building. The objective is to make this facility available to PARC scientists, PISA students, researchers, extension workers, information transfer bureaus and other people interested to improve their agricultural knowledge.

Video Documentaries/Programmes
230 video documentaries / programmes on different agricultural topics have been produced. These documentaries programmes are being shown on PTV, ATV and Sonhi Dahrti regularly. Most of these are in Urdu. Documentaries / programmes produced by AV communications, NARC have been supplied to different international, national and provincial organizations for their use.

PARC Radio Service
More than 3000 radio programmes containing interviews/discussions and short messages of agricultural scientists were produced by AVC and broadcast from different stations of Radio Pakistan.

Training Programmes
Besides developing effective communication approaches, preparing scripts and producing audio-visual materials, AVC has conducted the following training programmes, for national and provincial agricultural communicators.

  • Fundamentals of Agricultural Photography.

  • Advanced Agricultural Photography./

  • Video Production and Editing Techniques

  • Advanced Video Production and Editing Techniques.

  • Planning, Writing and Producing Audio visual Programmes.