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Animal Nutrition Programme


In Pakistan both the human and livestock population are increasing tremendously. However, the area under cultivation for the production of grains and high quality feedstuffs for livestock feeding remains the same. Therefore, there is a continuous competition between humans and livestock for consumption of grains in which the former is always a winner. A viable solution to cope with the current situation is to find non-conventional feed resources, and to increase the nutritive value of the available low quality resources through processing. Majority of the conventional concentrate feed resources are expensive due to the aforementioned competition of ruminants with humans and also with the poultry species. Currently, only low nutritive quality roughages which are the leftover of the grain production are available for consumption of ruminants.

The feed resources which are abundant in Pakistan include the roughages (wheat and rice straw), post-harvest residues and industrial by products. Animal Nutrition Program, in the given scenario not only focuses on finding ways to enhance the nutritive value of the available low quality feed ingredients for livestock on these feedstuffs but also responds to any emerging problems related with the animal nutrition. The Animal Nutrition Program (ANP) was initiated in January, 1982 as a FAO/UNDP assisted project and continued as such until 1987 at NARC. In May 1995, the program was reorganized as Animal Nutrition Institute. From the early days of inception ANP had basic facilities regarding nutritional evaluation of feedstuffs. Due to growing number of samples received from universities and sister programs of NARC, ANP during 2008 inducted automated equipment for proximate and fiber analyses of feed and food stuffs. Currently the ANP has high throughput systems for proximate, fiber, amino acids, and volatile fatty acid analyses, and miscellaneous analysis using photometry. Besides the analytical facilities, ANP has a Feed Technology Unit (at NARC) and excellent facilities for experimentation on ruminants and poultry

The objective of Animal Nutrition Program (ANP) is to carry out both innovative and adaptive research with the aim of resolving the issue of low livestock productivity due to inadequate nutrition. With a current team of 2 PhD and 2 MSc scientists, this Program is engaged in conducting applied research on selected topics, strengthening of provincial centers with expertise and training, and dissemination of latest research findings.


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