NARC Tender Notice No.F.1-10/2023-24/PARC Research & Development Fund/HRI

No.F.1-10/2023-24/PARC Res. & Dev. Fund (Floriculture)/HRI

National Agricultural Research Centre

Directorate of Procurement


Tender Notice


National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad intends to purchase following items under PARC Research & Development Fund for Floriculture Program, HRI, NARC and on free delivery basis at Central Stores, NARC, Islamabad as per detail given as under:-





Tender Cost



Cut Flower: (Red, White, Yellow, Pink)

Hybrid Tea: (Pink, Cream, Apricot, Mauve)

Climbers: (Peach, White, Yellow, Red)

Floribunda Mix Color

Fragrant Roses: Available Varieties

Miniature: Mix Color


Stomp, Furadon, Kocide, Sludge Killer, Topsin-M


NPK (Gramnlar), NPK (Powder), Coconut Coir, Peat Moss, Urea, DAP, SSP, SOP

Mentioned in the tender document

Pay Order, CDR or Bank Draft amounting to Rs.3000/-(Non-Refundable) drawn in the favor of “National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad”

The detailed specifications of items along-with terms & conditions are mentioned in the tender document which can be purchased from the office of undersigned on any working day (Monday-Friday) during the office hours from 30-01-2024 by submitting a written request on the firm/company’s letter pad.

The tender documents can be submitted with 4% of the bid value as earnest money including taxes in shape of pay order/demand draft in favor of NARC, Islamabad latest by 10:30am on 15-02-2024. The tenders will be opened in the office of Directorate of Procurement, NARC at 11:00am on the same day in the presence of the bidders or their representatives. The firms should be registered with sales tax/income tax department. No tender document will be sold on 15-02-2024.

NARC reserves the right to reject all or any bid in accordance with PPRA Rule No 33. This tender advertisement can also be browsed at PPRA/PARC websites i.e. &



(Muhammad Muneer)

Incharge (Proc), NARC

Phone No: 051-90733046-48