The Arid Zone Research Center (AZRC) of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Umerkot (Sindh) invites sealed tenders on item rate basis from reputed firms having experience in Repair & Maintenance works as under:

Description of work

Tender Cost


Earnest Money

Completion Period

Repair & Maintenance of Old Office Building at PARC-Arid Zone Research Center (AZRC), Umerkot (Sindh).



3% of the Bid cost in the form of Pay Order or Bank Draft in favor of Director PARC-AZRC, Umerkot (Sindh).

45 Calendar Days

The Tender documents may be purchased by interested eligible tenderers on submission of a written application along-with Certificate of Registration of firm, Registration with PEC in Category C-6 & above, Registration with Income Tax / Sales Tax Departments, detail of works completed during past three years, an undertaking that the firm has no litigation or black-listed by any Department/Client and upon payment of a non-refundable fee as mentioned above.

Tenderers may acquire the tender documents from the office of the undersigned on any working day from Monday to Friday during office hours. The tenders will be received on 13.04.2023 upto 1100 hours in the office of Director, PARC-Arid Zone Research Center (AZRC), Umerkot (Sindh) and will be opened on the same date at 1130 hours in the presence of bidders who choose to attend tender opening meeting. No tender would be issued on the day of opening of bids.

The PARC-AZRC Umerkot reserves the right to accept any or reject all bids as per PPRA Rules.



PARC-Arid Zone Research Center (AZRC), Umerkot (Sindh).

Telephone: (0300-8377374)