Research Facilities - CEWRI

The Institute has a team of 24 trained multi-disciplinary professionals (scientists/engineers) supported by over 40 skilled staff and well-equipped laboratories, soil, water and weather monitoring systems. The research is mainly aimed at devising innovative solutions and management strategies for the conservation of water resources under the changing climate and addressing the rising energy cost through promotion of alternate energy use in agriculture. 

  • Drip and sprinkler testing laboratory
  • Waste water treatment and reuse
  • Solar and bio-gas testing laboratories
  • Soil and water testing laboratory
  • Groundwater investigation & assessment services
  • Watershed management and demonstration site at Satrameel
  • Remote Sensing and GIS labs
  • Agriculture information dashboard
  • Training & learning sites in NARC, Fatehjang, Chakri, Sheikhupura, Bannu, Hattar, Hunzaetc.