Directorate of Scientific Communications & Publications (DSC&P)

Scientific Communications & Publications set-up at NARC was established in 1984,as a technical facility providing a variety of services to the scientific community at national, regional and international levels.

Scientific Information introduced the use of computers, CD-ROM and other electronic information location, collection, processing and dissemination technologies during 1980s.To cope with dissemination requirements,Audio Visual Communications was established 1987 under USAID funded Management of Agricultural Research & Training (MART) Project as a unique facility with the latest technologies to facilitate training and expeditious transfer of scientific information and agriculture technologies to the end-users.

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research (PJAR) established in 1949 as “Agriculture Pakistan”, the journal was rebranded to Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research in 1979. It is now the oldest national journal in the field of Agriculture and is an official publication of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Islamabad, Pakistan, which is the apex agricultural organization of the country.

PARC Website was formally inaugurated in August 2000, which is one of the largest on agricultural R&D in Pakistan.Library was established in 1984 and regularly updated with latest material. It was designated as National Library of Agricultural Sciences in 2003 by HEC.

Directorate of Scientific Communications & Publications (DSC&P) has a unique facility for indoor and outdoor media recording and coverage of field activities and production of a variety of media content. DSC&P is equipped with the latest and state of the art communication equipment including video production studio with high definition professional video cameras, Still Camera, recorders, lights, video editing facility and control room. 

DSC&P has alsoNational Library of Agricultural Sciences, a digital media archive containing still photographs, audio and video programs and documentaries about agriculture. PARC Website is being maintained and updated regularly. It contains detailed information about Pakistan’s agricultural research in general and PARC in particular.Urdu Section has also been incorporated on the website containing material for farmers.Website is dynamic, interactive and user’s friendly.

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research is one of few journals that are recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. This quarterly journal considers research on all aspects of agriculture.

National Library of Agricultural Sciences is providing routine library services to its users in addition to access of its catalogue database on internet and facilities of on-line searching of national and international databases. Library is not only used by PARC/NARC scientists and PIASA students but scientific community throughout Pakistan is also benefiting from its services.

Directorate of Scientific Communications & Publications (DSC&P) has been well established with latest information handling techniques and technologies for collection, processing, preservation and dissemination of information.Directorate of Scientific Communications and Publications caters the needs of scientific community for research literature and a variety of other information material.